Laser cut kit of a 4-6-2 class Flying Scotsman with its Tender.

This Flying Scotsman has a track gauge of 32mm O gauge and is approx 1:43

The Flying Scotsman has lots of nice details tender has the unique corridor so crew could changed shifts on the long runs.  Some of the wheels turn but main wheels are locked with the linkages and the model is deigned for decorative display use.

Although there are a lot of parts in the kit it is not difficult to build, instructions are photograph stages so parts can be easily seen.  We have also numbered the multiple rings (approx 80) that make up the boiler, so it is just a matter of sliding on one at a time.

There are also Pullman Passenger car and goods wagons listed on the site which are same gauge with same coupling so are all compatible for you to build as long a train as you desire.  

New carriages/freight wagons will be added over time.

Each locomotive kit comes with 2x 260mm sections of track which can be joined with additional sections, which are also available separately.


Overall              480(L) x 93(h) x 57(w)

Locomotive     305(L) x93(h) x57(w)mm

Tender             170(L) x85(h) x57(w)mm

Each Kit is laser cut from 3mm plywood and majority of the parts have a glueless fit due to the accuracy of the laser cutting, but glue is recommend for a long life product.  (glue is also supplied).

Spare/replacement parts are also available anytime (some for just the cost of a stamp) if one gets lost or broken.

Kits are generally easy to assemble but all 3DLaserCraft kits are rated in difficulty level to give you an idea what to expect.  See sample of the building instructions in the pictures.

This kit is labelled as assembly level 3 - moderate

Kit contains approx 350 parts


1 x Flying Scotsman laser cut wood kit

1 x Tender Laser Cut wood kit

2 x 260mm Sections of wooden track

Glue & sandpaper

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Flying Scotsman 4-6-2 & Tender 32mm O Gauge

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